IT Department

This page is used to enhance the productivity of our internal user communities by empowering our users through making Information Technology resources readily available and accessible. We achieve this by providing a centralized point for staff-focused, IT services and support that provide effective and timely resolutions to user.

EIV Setup

Contact Regine, Finance Director, to facilitate your EIV account setup and users need to complete the Cyber Awareness Challenge 2021. This EIV training needs to be completed annually. Once you have completed the online training. Please email your certificate to Regine. She keeps track of everyone’s current certification.

Please refer to the updated roster if you need to retake the training for the upcoming year. MHRA Staff Roster: Complete EIV Security Awareness training

User Login – Secure Systems External Login (  


Tenmast University User Guide

The following this link:  to setup an account with the training academy. As a new user to access the MRI Training Academy page, you will click on the REGISTER tab and complete the registration process. Here, you will type in your Customer ID: W257999 and your MELL Access code: W2579992020. If you have any questions or issues registering for the MRI Training Academy, please email: and they will be able to assist you.

TenDocs Archive Error – Troubleshoot process

Copy -> t:\winten2+\TenDocsQuickLoad

And paste it in the search bar on the bottom right side of the task bar. Open the application and you should get a Quickloads pop-up and go to the top menu and click file, then click reset interrupted TenDocs scan this will clear the error.

TenDoc Archive Link: http://mha-dc

Email Security Best Practices (Videos)