Family Self-Sufficiency

Do you have a tenant that is motivated to better themselves?  FSS might be the place for them to start!  Participants of this five (5)- year program work with the coordinator to reach their personal goals and achieve their own definition of self-sufficiency. In addition to personal guidance, monthly workshops, newsletters, and budgeting instruction are offered.

The FSS program offers its enrolled participants an escrow account managed by MHRA. When their PH or HCV rent increases due to earned (and reported) income, the difference between the FSS program starting rent and current rent gets deposited monthly (exact amount dependent on income limits) plus interest. Participants receive the balance of the escrow account after successfully graduating from the program.  Successful graduation entails being suitably employed, being off TANF, and completing goals on their FSS service plan.

Any PH or HCV resident in good standing is eligible to join the FSS program.  They do have to be motivated enough to fill out the enrollment form and send it back to me.  They also have to talk to me at least 1 time a quarter (via phone, email, Zoom, or in person meetings).

Do you have a tenant that you think could benefit from this program?  Tell them to contact Kelsey on the FSS section of the MHRA website.

June 20, 2021 8:04 am


The mission of the Manchester Housing and Redevelopment Authority is to provide and sustain affordable, secure, quality living environments for low income families and individuals; to provide personal and economic enrichment and independence opportunities for residents; to act as a catalyst and community partner in developing new low income affordable housing opportunities; and to engage in community revitalization initiatives to improve neighborhoods, promote economic development, increase employment opportunities and broaden the local tax base.